In 2017 we transformed our scholarship program to a grants program, and since then we have invested over $50,000 in youth based programs throughout the Rutland community.  
Here are a few of the projects we've funded over the last few years:
$3,000 -- Teen Challenge
Funds were used to outfit a new women's facility for those seeking treatment for addiction
$4,360 -- Rutland County Parent Child Center
Funds were used to purchase child-sized furniture, tables, chairs, etc. and reusable cups, plates, and utensils
$500 -- Barstow
The purchase of various book series for 3rd grade classrooms
$1,650 -- Rutland Town, Pre-K
We purchased materials to build raised garden beds, as well as gardening tools, boots, and waterproof suits for students.  We also funded a playhouse/storage space for all the gear and tools.
$538 -- Rutland Town, 1st Grade
A teacher requested funds for small tables and chairs to allow kids to work together on learning and projects.
$750 -- Rutland High School
We purchased supplies for the mural at the entrance of the building, as well as benches for students to utilize.
$5,000 -- Mentor Connector
The Mentor Connector approached us looking to create an activity room at their new location.  We were able to purchase computers, tables, chairs, art and creative supplies, as well as sporting equipment. 
$432 -- Rutland Town School, 3rd Grade
Mrs. Morrison requested a world map rug, to allow a space for students to relax and learn the geography of the world!
$1350 -- RSVP
In collaboration with RRMC and their operation dolls project, we purchased materials to allow them to revive old toys and make them new again!
$4,845 -- Wonderfeet Kids Museum
Wonderfeet requested assistance with activities and stations such as Legos, tables, chairs, shelving, etc.
$1,500 -- Proctor High School
We funded the purchase of supplies for a STEAM/Career Room; computer, desks, chairs, printer, and other supplies
$495 -- Proctor Elementary School
Remember hatching chicks in school?  We helped the elementary school purchase incubators and chicks for kids to experience hatching baby chicks!
$4820 -- Rutland Free Library
After the renovation of the Fox Room, the Library was in need of an updated sound system.  We helped fund the purchase of the A/V equipment in the Fox Room.
$827 -- Rutland Town School, Grades 6-8
To enhance STEM learning, we purchased multiple pneumatic Lego sets, allowing students to build and program bots and other creative structures.
$1400 -- Proctor Elementary School
Proctor requested individual whiteboard tables to allow kids a surface to work, draw, and collaborate on.
$1200 -- Barstow Elementary School
We purchased multiple iPads for Barstow
$2352 -- RRMC for Rutland High School
In conjunction with the hospital, we purchased 8 Stop the Bleed kits to be installed throughout Rutland High School.  
$208 -- Rutland Town School, 5th Grade
To enhance student learning and focus we purchased a standing desk and benches
$2,550 -- Rutland Town School
Rutland Town School has revived the outdoor skating rink, and requested funds to purchase skates and other equipment for students to utilize in and outside of school hours.
$1,800 -- West Rutland Elementary
West Rutland approached us requesting a swing set for younger students to utilize during recess and outside of school hours.  We purchased the materials and helped install.
$1009 -- Northwest Elementary
As many students do not have access to "home ec" anymore, Northwest requested materials to create a portable cooking cart.  Students learn knife skills and cooking techniques, and enjoy their treats!
$520 -- Northwest Elementary
Storage boxes for the outdoor classroom built in the previous year.
$4,500 -- Wonderfeet Museum
Wonderfeet has created seasonal pop-up exhibits; we purchased the supplies for these various, monthly-quarterly exhibits.
$500 -- Rutland County Parent-Child Center
After purchasing reusable plates, bowls, and utensils, they needed somewhere to put them!  So we purchased storage cubbies for not just these items, but toys and books too!